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In recent days, unacceptable and provocative statements are being made from Azerbaijan against Iran, a friend of Armenia, at various levels, obvious anti-Iranian steps are being taken—and which are aimed at forming another wave of destabilization and new risks and challenges in the region. Artur Vanetsyan, the leader of the opposition "With Honor" Faction of the National Assembly and the leader of the opposition Homeland party of Armenia, wrote this on Facebook.

"The regular military exercises being conducted in Azerbaijan together with the Turkish side also clearly show that official Baku and Ankara have no desire to build their long-term policy within the framework of the logic of achieving regional peace, and have militant expansionist ambitions—not only against the Republics of Armenia and Artsakh [(Nagorno-Karabakh)].

"Therefore, I consider it extremely important, especially at this phase, to have closer multilateral ties with Armenia's friendly countries, to raise them to a qualitatively new level, to provide unconditional support to each other in the field of common interests in the international arena—and which will make real the establishment of long-term righteous and dignified peace in our region," Vanetsyan added.

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