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President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian believes amending the Constitution is in the country’s interests. In an interview with RBC, he stated that it is necessary to think about and work on amending the Constitution in the post-war period and now.

“This does not mean that the unbalanced parliamentary system needs to be replaced with an unbalanced presidential system. If Armenia wants to have a parliamentary system, it needs to be balanced. The powers need to be balanced. I would prefer the return to a presidential system for one simple reason. Since the Armenian population had three presidents before the parliamentary system, it is very hard for the people to understand the concept of a parliamentary system. However, be it parliamentary or presidential, the balance of powers is very important. When I talk about amending the Constitution, by no means do I refer to myself. If Armenia amends the Constitution, it will go into effect after the election of the next President. If the country makes this decision, I am ready to immediately resign to show people that I am doing it to make it easier for the people.”

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