June 13
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Some are surprised, even upset, that Armenia is developing and deepening relations with the EU. And why should it not deepen? Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stated this during his press conference Tuesday.

"Is anyone asking us that in those places where we can see a problem, it is deepening its relations in those directions, which in our perception are happening at the expense of our interests? Does anyone ask us? When we say, ‘Why don't you ask?’ they say, ‘We are a sovereign state.’ We are also a sovereign state. We are ready to consult, dialogue, but there is no regime to obtain permission. This approach is universal," Pashinyan said, in particular.

He touched also on the topic of the current disagreements between the Armenian authorities and the Armenian Apostolic Church.

"We are not in conflict with the Church. Whether or not the Church is in conflict with us, they should answer that question. If some clergy make a political bid, it means that they admit their failure or inability to exercise spiritual guidance.

Today in Armenia there are clergymen who really exercise spiritual guidance. (…).

Clergymen who have failed in spiritual guidance, have failed in their mission to connect people with God, are making a political bid. Unfortunately, many high-ranking clergymen are in that situation. Not all, but many.

I am afraid, they have failed spiritual guidance at the very highest level. (…). I am not surprised that they are making a political bid because they have nothing to do in the spiritual arena; it is not theirs. Maybe they haven't read the Bible to the end," Pashinyan stated.

He stated that the highest leadership of the Armenian Apostolic Church has failed in spiritual guidance.

"Today, people have come out, openly preaching war. In whose name are they preaching war? They say that the temple will win over the street. But who is the street? The street is the people, the people. I am here by the will of the people, and I will not be here by the will of the people. (…). If the people decide that they want war, I will try to present everything to the people—and I am doing that now,” the Armenian PM emphasized, in part.

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