January 29
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The National Nuclear Security Administration is almost finished with a proof-of-concept unit that will kick off mass production of the homogenized version of the B61 nuclear gravity bomb, an agency spokesperson said Defense Daily reported.

It is assumed that already in 2022, they will come to replace the outdated versions of these bombs (B61-3 and B61-4) in the American depots in the continental United States and in Europe

According to the available information, the B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb—with a capacity of 0.3, 1.5, 10 or 50 kilotons— in particular, will be placed in the underground depots of air bases—which are overseen by the US military—in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Turkey, Interfax reported.

According to various estimates, the United States currently has 100-150 nuclear gravity bombs for use by tactical aviation on the European stage of hostilities.

They are designed to equip the F-35A, F-15E and F-16C/D, F/A-18 fighter-tactical bombers of the US and other NATO member states' air forces.

The peculiarity of the new nuclear gravity bomb which came to replace the old model is the tail block. This makes the bomb more manageable and accurate, which enables to drop it from a high-flying plane instead of lowering it with a parachute. The thrown bomb is automatically aimed at the target, which is many kilometers away, if necessary, "aimed" at it.

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