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A year has passed since the end of the war in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), but Baku has failed to make serious efforts for development of the regions that are now a part of Azerbaijan. This is what Russian analyst Pavel Felgengauer said during a conversation with Armenian

“The Azerbaijanis are doing something, but the people haven’t returned to the regions since there are still explosive devices. This is clearly becoming a very serious political issue for Aliyev. In essence, it is assumed that the Armenians have maps somewhere that they don’t want to give, but I’m not sure there are such detailed maps.

Apparently, Baku isn’t succeeding in completely demining the territories, and this is a politically important moment. Azerbaijan can’t seriously deal with the issue of Artsakh so long as it doesn’t possess the maps. Baku refuses to recognize Artsakh and believes the Armenians living there need to accept citizenship of Azerbaijan or leave those territories. As long as the situation remains like this, the uncertainty will remain for a few years, and the change of situation will depend on the circumstances that are beyond the boundaries of the region,” he said.

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