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We only demand the release of the mayor of Kajaran from custody. This is what Vardan Minasyan, one of the participants of the protest organized in support of Mayor Samvel Paramazyan, told Armenian in Kajaran village.

“I know there is a court hearing scheduled for Dec. 13. What’s the point of keeping him in custody, if the court hearing has begun? Today the community lacks a head. Syunik Province represents the gates to Armenia, but 300-350 people gathered after the mayor of Kajaran called them during defense of Syunik Province, and they passed through Jabrayil and Zangelan. My son was with them, and Paramazyan saved my son’s life. My other son defended the borders of Syunik Province during the quarterly drills, and was demobilized two days ago. We know the significance of the borders. Let people know why the aware people of Syunik Province demanding Manvel’s release. There is no need to politicize everything,” the man from Kajaran said, but didn’t want to say how Paramazyan had saved his son’s life.

Instead, another resident of Kajaran shared the story and said the following: “There was a victim and injured in Zangelan. Manvel entered, removed the victims, the wounded and his son.”

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