July 03
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The meeting of opposition deputies Ishkhan Saghatelyan, Artur Vanetsyan, Hayk Mamijanyan and others with police chief Vahe Ghazaryan has ended.

Leaving the central building of the police, parliament Vice Speaker, representative of the Supreme Council of the ARF Ishkhan Saghatelyan stated that they presented the demands of the Resistance movement to Ghazaryan and other high-ranking police officers.

In response to the first demand to suspend the activities of police officers who used violence against protesters and deputies these days, and bring them to criminal responsibility, the police chief said that the activities of one police officer were suspended, 37 police officers were under investigation, more than a dozen criminal cases were initiated .

“Today's cases are being investigated and the police will make a statement shortly on specific cases. You know that during this period more than 80 cars were illegally confiscated during the rally, and we agreed that these cars will be returned to our compatriots,” Saghatelyan said.

According to Saghatelyan, the deputies informed the police leadership that the disproportionate force used by the police against them and the protesters would not stop the struggle of the Resistance movement.

“We urged to stop such actions, I hope our call will be treated with understanding,” said Ishkhan Saghatelyan.

Saghatelyan noted that most of their demands have been met, but they will be consistent and will wait for results.

He announced the continuation of the procession to the French Square, where they will sum up what happened today and present the actions for tomorrow.

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