July 03
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Germany has not delivered "any noteworthy" weapons to Ukraine since late March, Die Welt reported, citing documents in its possession.

As the newspaper notes, only two shipments of weapons from the German government were sent to Ukraine between March 30 and May 26, but even they contained only small amounts of equipment.

According to the newspaper, the last two shipments sent in mid-May included 3,000 anti-tank mines and another 1,600 specialized anti-tank directional mines. The German Defense Ministry refused to comment on the information, explaining it by its secrecy.

According to the newspaper, the issue of delivery of the promised 100 Marder tanks and 88 Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine has not been resolved yet, the Federal Security Council has been considering it for the last five weeks. The Geparde tanks also cannot be delivered yet because the Ukrainian military still needs to be trained to operate them. Welt notes that training of the first 45 servicemen will not begin until 13 June and will end on 22 July.

Previously, the Ukrainian authorities have already voiced their dissatisfaction with Germany's unfulfilled promises to supply arms. Ukraine's ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, said that Berlin had let Kiev down on this issue. Germany also had problems with Poland: President Andrzej Duda accused the German government of violating the agreement on supplies of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. According to the agreement, Poland was to supply its weapons to Kiev, while Germany was to provide it with new Leopard tanks from the manufacturer Rheinmetall. Der Spiegel reported that Poland demanded the newest tanks, while Germany planned to send it old ones, as the Germany itself does not have new ones yet, Kommersant reported.

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