October 03
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Tales about the alleged involvement of Armenia and Ukraine in my surveillance have been debunked. Greek opposition party PASOK-Movement for Change leader Nikos Androulakis said this amid a scandal over wiretapping of his cell phone by Greek intelligence agencies, Greek City Times reported. According to him, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis dodged an explanation in his televised address about his cell phone tapping. He noted that the prime minister "methodically avoided explaining himself about the Deep State Unit created in the National Intelligence Service (EYP)."

"The Predator spyware was used to tap my phone, while just days earlier EYP had put me under surveillance," Androulakis said.

For its part, EYP attributed the interest in the legally approved wiretapping to requests from "Armenia and Ukraine." Both countries, through their embassies, denied involvement.

"The tales of alleged involvement of Armenia and Ukraine in my surveillance have been debunked by their respective embassies in the most official and humiliating way possible," Androulakis highlighted, addressing Mitsotakis.

Addressing the Greek prime minister, Androulakis demanded an immediate explanation as to why the surveillance of him, which Mitsotakis admitted was legally sanctioned, "violated the confidentiality of my communications as a member of the European Parliament and as a candidate for leadership of PASOK, the Movement for Change."

He noted that he would not accept any cover-up and would not allow Mitsotakis to "simplify the key case of power sharing in the country."

Greek parliament was recalled from recess to hold an extraordinary meeting on August 22 to address the issue of wiretapping of politicians and journalists by the National Intelligence Service (EYP).

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