May 30
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The U.S. is in ruins. The country is being invaded by millions of illegals, former U.S. President Donald Trump said at a rally in Ohio Saturday night.

The former U.S. president arrived at a rally in Ohio to support senatorial candidate J.D. Vance.

"We no longer have a border. Our country is being invaded. It’s an invasion by millions of illegal aliens,” Donald Trump said at his Saturday night rally, using the Great Replacement Theory’s racist “invasion” language, favored by violent white nationalists. “The economy is crashing. Your 401(k) is collapsing,” Trump told the crowd. “Shooting, stabbings, rapes, carjackings are skyrocketing.”

The former U.S. president also accused the national government of spying on him.

During the rally, the former U.S. president also supported the idea of punishing drug dealers and human traffickers with the death penalty.

He criticized Biden, saying the U.S. president released oil from the nation's strategic oil reserve to lower gas prices, claiming it was used "only for war."

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