December 07
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Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan says if by "action" one means security, his conviction remains unchanged which is only peace can ensure guaranteed security. His remarks came during the interview with Public Television of Armenia today, responding to the question of what practical steps Armenia is taking so that the assessments of the international community, which is already giving appropriate assessments to Azerbaijan's actions, become actions.

"Until we have comprehensive peace, we cannot speak about comprehensive security. And so all our efforts, even in the most acute situations, are aimed at peace. If we believe that the inviolability of our borders must be protected, including by the efforts of our army, by our diplomatic means, then the long-term goal of this action is also peace," Pashinyan said.

The Prime Minister said that they are trying to make Armenia's position clear for the international community and to provide as objective information about the situation as possible.

Pashinyan said that when asked about actions, whether sanctions against Azerbaijan, arms sales, border monitoring are to be understood as the Prime Minister suggested at the UN, "these are different issues. I must say we are actively working in all areas necessary to ensure Armenia's security."

The reporter noted that after 2020, when speaking about monitoring, the head of government always mentioned the mission of Russia or the Minsk Group co-chair countries, while recently at the UN he spoke about the need for international observers. Asked what is the reason for such a change and if an international observation mission will arrive in Armenia (there is information that France has also announced that it will send a delegation to Armenia), what is the ultimate goal of all that, the Armenian Prime Minister explained that the mission that France has announced on the spot is to assess the security situation.

"When we speak about an international observation mission, we mean a mechanism of either long-term or permanent observation mission, one of the most important goals of which is to transmit unbiased information on the situation to the relevant international structures, after which appropriate actions will follow. This logic comes from the fact that Azerbaijan never says it has violated the ceasefire. They always try to present that there was some kind of provocation and so on.

Naturally, we deny this groundless information by all means possible, but on the other hand, we say: since this is an ongoing situation, it would be right for the international community to have an observation mission to assess the situation on the spot," Pashinyan said.

He said that there has been no change in the positions, as all the missions mentioned by the journalists are international ones. The Prime Minister noted that "we do not close the door to anyone." "But there are international organizations that can play such a role. For example, the OSCE, the UN Security Council, etc. I mean, there has been no change in positions. We never ruled out, for example, that there could also be an OSCE mission," Pashinyan concluded.

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