March 26
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Baku is indignant with Iran's statements on the unacceptability of changing the historical borders in the region and the large-scale military exercises of the IRGC on the border with Azerbaijan.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Regional Affairs, MP Siyavus Novruzov, stated that "the recent steps taken by Iran against Azerbaijan cannot be regarded as good neighborly relations."

"Today Iran is making statements that the borders cannot be changed. We are talking about the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Armenia and Azerbaijan will make a decision based on a map of some period, and the borders between the two states will be determined based on it. What does this have to do with a third state, including Iran, which interferes in these issues?" he said.

At that the Member of Parliament assured that there is no and cannot be any "threat" to Iran from Azerbaijan. "And what kind of exercises are we talking about in this case, when you are gathering heavy equipment, artillery, equipment there?! It could be understood somewhere if it was an exercise of the Iranian border troops, light arms. But they're doing exercises with heavy equipment, missiles, artillery. Obviously, it's a show of force... Iran doesn't have enough room that it's conducting exercises on the 5-meter bank of the Arax? It has such a large area. Go do drills on the island of Kish, the Indian Ocean coast! Why on the bank of the Arax?! Why is there a need for demonstrations, crossings, bridges over the Arax River?! The Arax River can be crossed on a bicycle. You don't have to build a bridge to pass a tank," complained the Azerbaijani MP.

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