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Russian president Vladimir Putin thinks Armenian-Azerbaijani peace treaty is necessary.

His remarks came Thursday at a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, answering a question from political scientist Alexander Iskandaryan. 

"We support a peaceful settlement, as well as the delimitation of borders and the complete settlement of the border issue," he said.

"We are in favor of this. The question of which option to choose is up to the Armenian people and the Armenian leadership. In any case, whatever option is chosen, if it leads to peace, we are only for it," Putin noted.

"But we are not going to impose anything. We cannot and will not dictate anything to Armenia."

According to him, 'the so-called Washington variant, as far as I understand, envisages the recognition of the sovereignty of Azerbaijan over Karabakh in general.' 

"If that is what Armenia thinks, then please, we will support whatever the Armenian people choose," he added.

"If the Armenian people and the Armenian leadership think that Karabakh has some peculiarities and that these peculiarities should be taken into account in a future peace agreement, this is also possible.

"But of course it is necessary to reach an agreement with Azerbaijan. These agreements must also be acceptable to Azerbaijan. This is a complicated, difficult issue.

"Armenia is our strategic partner and ally, and of course, with Azerbaijan's interests in mind, we will be guided by what Armenia itself offers," Putin said.

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