February 01
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Armenia continues to work on the peace treaty, and it will return the respective text it received from the Azerbaijani side to latter—but with its own considerations—, and to organize a meeting in the near future. Armen Grigoryan, Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, on Thursday told about this to reporters in the National Assembly.

To the question why the optimism that it will be possible to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan by the end of the year is not becoming a reality, the Security Council chief responded: "We said that we will invest our efforts so that we have a peace treaty by the end of the year. Armenia, represented by the authorities, has invested all its efforts to be able to have this treaty by the end of the year. Now being closer to the end of the year, it is hard to say that it will be done by the end of the year. But we will continue to work in that direction next year. We continue to work on the text, we will send the edited version of the text to Azerbaijan soon."

And when asked what new third proposals Azerbaijan has submitted on which the Armenian side is working, Grigoryan said: “They are not different. The work is done like this. Azerbaijan gave Armenia a preliminary text of the peace treaty; that is, the five points [are] more open. The Armenian side worked on that text and gave its response to Azerbaijan, and a meeting was held in Washington. After the discussions in Washington, Azerbaijan transferred its working version of that text to Armenia at the end of last month, or at the beginning of this month. Armenia is now working on that text, or making its additions and changes to that text, and we will transfer [it] to Azerbaijan soon."

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