April 23
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The Azerbaijani provocateurs who have blocked the Lachin Corridor of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) clearly show that they have nothing to do with environmental protection. The sad incident at Wednesday’s "spontaneous" rally of these Azerbaijani “environmental activists” is a vivid proof of this.

In a short video that has been widely distributed, a stout old lady gives a fiery speech on the topic "Karabakh is Azerbaijan." In her left hand, the woman is clutching a white dove, which was probably meant to symbolize peace and the "good intentions" of these uninvited Azerbaijani guests. But the lady was so engrossed in her speech that she didn't even notice how she was choking the poor bird, continuing to shake the killed dove in harmony with her speech. And at the end, she tries to fly the dove, but the suffocated bird falls down like a stone.

The lady who strangled the dove is most likely Nailya Ismailova, the head of a "humanitarian" NGO funded by the government of Azerbaijan.

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