March 30
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There is a certain misunderstanding regarding the arrival of the EU observer mission to Armenia, and not the CSTO mission, including among the expert community of Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said in the Armenian parliament on Wednesday.

According to him, there is a clear understanding of the CSTO area of responsibility. "We asked the CSTO to specify CSTO zone of responsibility in Armenia as one of the most important issues. That is, to present us your understanding of what the Republic of Armenia is? We have not received an answer to this question.

On the other hand, why was it possible to send an EU civilian mission to Armenia? Because as a result of the quadripartite meeting held in Prague, the EU clearly defined, including with the participation and agreement of Armenia and Azerbaijan, what the Republic of Armenia is. That is, they said, here is the map of Armenia, or we said it, and they confirmed it. They are going to observe and control the territory in question. Without understanding the territory the observation mission will be at least strange, because in this case it is unclear what they are monitoring," Pashinyan said.

He added that the issue arose because of Azerbaijan's occupation of Armenian territory. "If any mission doesn't know what Armenia's territory is, how will it assess whether Armenia is occupied or not?" the prime minister wondered.

Pashinyan touched on another aspect as well. "Before the EU mission arrived, Azerbaijan was explaining on Western platforms its aggressive actions against Armenia by the fact that RA, the prime minister of the republic was introducing more and more Russian troops and deploying them on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. They say a joint Armenian-Russian aggressive attack against Azerbaijan is being prepared and Baku is trying to more or less balance the situation with its aggressive attacks.

In the West, they tried to portray Armenia as a participant in Russia's aggressive policy, and in Russia - as a participant in the Western conspiracy. Since Russian partners had representatives on the ground, our Western partners have already started to look at us suspiciously, you are going to carry out aggressive actions, because there are large accumulations of Armenian and Russian troops, you are going to attack Azerbaijan. Poor Azerbaijanis want to seize the heights, so that there is a balance.

Understanding that a lot of resources are spent on this, we said: ok, you yourself come and observe everything on the spot, see if all this is true or not," Pashinyan noted.

The Prime Minister assured that there is no geopolitical subtext in all this, there is a specific agenda, a specific issue that Armenia is trying to solve.

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