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As of 20:00, 100,514 forcibly displaced people came from Artsakh to Armenia, Nazeli Baghdasaryan, Press Secretary of the Prime Minister of Armenia, said today, October 1, during a press conference.

The number of vehicles transported to Armenia is 21,106.

Registration has been completed for 85,975 persons.

Baghdasaryan informed that the last bus from Artsakh arrived in Goris minutes ago.

The large-scale aggression initiated by Azerbaijan against Nagorno-Karabakh since September 19 has led to a heart-wrenching exodus, with countless residents urgently leaving their native lands behind and making the arduous journey to Armenia. In the face of this crisis, they have little opportunity to gather their personal belongings, leaving their homes and possessions behind.

For their escape, some individuals are using their own vehicles, while others are relying on government-provided buses, desperately seeking refuge from the unfolding catastrophe. The Stepanakert-Kornidzor road has become a symbol of this mass movement, where an endless line of cars stretches from the heart of Stepanakert, resulting in traffic jams that leave people stranded on the road for days.

Upon arriving in Goris, the registration process becomes a crucial step in their journey. Some go on to reunite with relatives and friends residing in Armenia, while others seek shelter in temporary accommodations prepared for them. Tragically, many have been separated from their loved ones, including parents and children, during their tumultuous journey and now face the distressing uncertainty of their whereabouts, hoping to reunite at the headquarters or receive some form of assistance.

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