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We are ready to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan by the end of the year. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said this during his address Tuesday at the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.

“In terms of transport communications, by observing the above-mentioned principles, including the principle of reciprocity, we are ready to facilitate procedures, we are ready to ensure the safety of the passage of Azerbaijani goods and Azerbaijanis through our territory, hoping for reciprocity as well, we are ready for a simultaneous withdrawal of troops from the 1991 border line, which will mean that Azerbaijan will not have troops in any territory of Armenia, and Armenia will not have troops in Azerbaijan. We are ready to address the issue of the so-called enclaves on the principle of reciprocity, as I stated in the interview given to the Armenian Public TV on October 10. And finally, we are ready to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan by the end of the year,” the Armenian PM stressed.

“Of course, the fact that Azerbaijan refused to come to the Granada meeting, on which, by the way, the agreement had been reached on July 15 in Brussels and this agreement is also expressed in the statement issued by [European Council President] Charles Michel based on the results of the meeting, so not coming to that meeting did not make our affairs easier.

“But on the other hand, during this year, as mentioned by the President of the European Parliament, we have an agreement to hold a tripartite meeting in Brussels, and if the above-mentioned principles are officially reaffirmed, signing an agreement on peace and normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan by the end of the year will become very realistic,” Pashinyan added.

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