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Volvo is set to introduce megaphone technology—which the company says will considerably improve efficiency and give more freedom to the design and production of future cars—to its next-generation electric cars in 2026, Autocar reports.

The carmaker says this advanced manufacturing process will be incorporated into its next-generation electric vehicles produced at its main plant in Sweden.

Although the manufacturer did not provide any technical details, this will be related to the planned introduction of the SPA3 platform, which is an evolution of the existing architecture and is used for creating the third generation of the company's custom electric vehicles.

Volvo is committed to being fully electric by 2030, and by then it needs to redesign its entire range to have electric options for all its customers. And that requires a large number of new vehicles between now and 2030, says Erik Severinson, head of Volvo’s New Car Programs & Operations Strategy.

The megacasting process involves the production of large, individual car parts by pouring molten metal into a mold. This enables large sections of the vehicle platform to be manufactured as a single unit, rather than having to manufacture many individual parts and weld or bolt them together. This technology is already used by Tesla; and Toyota plans to introduce it on its future models.

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