April 17
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Thanks to the relentless work and activism of Animals Hope Shelter Indonesia, an animal shelter organization fighting for animal welfare in the country, over 200 dogs were able to be rescued from becoming dog meat for human consumption by the local authorities, World of Buzz reported.

As shared by Animal Hope Shelter Indonesia on its official TikTok page, an operation by the Indonesian police aided by the organization was able to intercept a truck carrying 226 dogs en route to the slaughterhouse.

As reported by SCMP, the truck was seized by the police on January 6 in Semarang City on the way to Surakarta, with the dogs being inhumanely shackled to the bed of the truck with their legs and mouths bound.

In a 1-minute-5-second video, the bed of the seized truck was opened to reveal the horrendous conditions that the 226 dogs were put into.

In the aftermath of the incident, 5 truck crew members were arrested and will be charged under Indonesia’s animal welfare regulation which could land them up to 5 years in jail.

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