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We have a jointly approved working procedure, and I laud that way of working. Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan told this to reporters Thursday—and referring to the joint meetings of the Armenian-Azerbaijani border delimitation and demarcation commissions.

"We are discussing a very sensitive issue together. The issue of border delimitation is a very sensitive issue in any case. And in order for the platform to have an opportunity for objective, constructive work, we have agreed that as a result of the meetings, our publications are limited to the extent that we have agreed on the joint press statement," he said.

To the remark that meaningless statements are being issued, the Armenian deputy PM responded: "Otherwise, can you imagine what will happen? If every party returns and starts commenting or publicly discussing the results of the work, it will not be effective. I consider it effective to have a joint publication; it is right, so that there are no dilettantish speculations and the atmosphere around the platform does not spoil.

 The dilettantish approach is that we can go and meet in the commission and hand over something to each other; it's very naïve.

Second, I believe that, nonetheless, we still have very specific constitutional and legislative procedures for decision-making that we cannot deviate from. To say that ‘they went, met, and kept [it] a secret’ is a meaningless conversation."

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