April 14
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It became apparent by over a dozen episodes that our ally is not helping us. Alen Simonyan, stated this in a briefing with reporters in the NA Thursday—and referring to Russia.

"They [i.e. Russia] don't even say that they don't help; at least they should say ‘we won't help.’ They say: ‘Well, let's see, think, understand.’ But our country, our people are not infinite, and we don't have so many resources to wait at the expense of our children, our boys, at the expense of our country's borders, when our ally, who is an ally both under the CSTO and through a direct treaty, will help. Then they say: ‘You didn't do this, that's why we don't help.’ And where are their interests, alliance obligations? It is not by throwing the alliance obligations off them with any interpretation," said the speaker of the Armenian NA.

"It is obvious to us that this security system [i.e. the CSTO] does not work. What else should happen for us to realize that this security system is not working, with various excuses?" Simonyan added, in particular.

According to him, the security alternative, as per Armenia, is to use all possible means, and also to try to revive the CSTO in some way.

"Obviously, this system is not working. We [i.e. Armenia] are now trying to buy weapons from all possible places to defend our state. If it is a disturbance of some security system, it is their problem; it is obvious that they are not fulfilling their obligations. We will move in the direction that will ensure us the maximum security. We believe that our security is being a democratic country, working closely with the democratic system," said the speaker of the Armenian parliament.

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