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A 28-year-old Dutch woman is slated to be euthanized next month because of her struggles with mental illness after her psychiatrist said her condition will never improve, Fox News reports.

Zoraya ter Beek lives in a nice house in a small Dutch town near the German border with her boyfriend and two cats. Despite being physically healthy, she plans to end her life due to her depression, autism, and borderline personality disorder, according to The Free Press.

She once had ambitions to become a psychiatrist, but she was never able to finish school or start a career due to her own mental illness. But now, she is tired of living and wishes to end her life, she told the aforesaid outlet.

Following her death, a euthanasia review committee will evaluate ter Beek's death to ensure the doctor followed "due care criteria" and the Dutch government will declare that her life was lawfully ended.

But no funeral will be held following ter Beek's death. Instead, her boyfriend will scatter her ashes in an area in the woods they chose together, as she wishes to be cremated.

The Netherlands in 2001 became the first country in the world to legalize euthanasia. Now, at least eight countries have legalized it. Assisted suicide is also legal in ten US states and Washington, D.C., and all six states in Australia.

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