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The Armenian Genocide is a historical fact, so the more states do recognize that, the more Turkey will remain isolated in this regard and at some point will have to accept the truth, Jon Inarritu, a member of the Spanish parliament, told Armenpress on the occasion of the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

This year marks the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. How do you assess the process of recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide by the international community?

Nowadays, 34 States recognize the Armenian Genocide. In recent years, several European Union States such as Portugal and Italy have done so and the United States did in 2021 as well. Although it comes late, I think it is positive that more and more States recognize the first genocide of the 20th century. These years we have seen how the persecutions against Armenians have continued. It is important to remember and recognize to prevent it from happening again.

Although many countries and international organizations have recognized and condemned the Armenian Genocide, Turkey continues its denial policy after 109 years. What do you think the international community should do? Do you see the need for other actions besides calls and exhortations?

In fact, not only Turkey does not recognize the Armenian genocide, but it also puts pressure and threats against states so that they do not recognize it. Turkey would do well to embrace its history, just as other states have done. I consider that Germany is an example of how a historical fact can be assumed. For Turkey recognizing the facts, could help improve relations in the region and would make this State a better State.

In your opinion, under what circumstances or under what conditions will Turkey finally face the historical truth recognizing the Armenian Genocide?

In my opinion, the Armenian Genocide is a historical fact, so the more states do recognize that, the more Turkey will remain isolated in this regard and at some point will have to accept the truth.

A dialogue between Armenia and Turkey is taking place these days. In your opinion, in what way can this process have an impact on the issue of the Armenian Genocide?

As I mentioned previously, I believe that accepting this historical fact would help improve relations with Armenia and even with the Armenians of the diaspora, largely descendants of the survivors. But it would also make Turkey a better country.

When touching on the subject of the Armenian Genocide, the phrase "Never again" has often been uttered by various famous figures, but history shows that it appears that the world has not learned enough lessons, as unpunished crimes tend to repeat themselves. What do you think advanced humanity needs to do to make "Never Again" practically visible?

Indeed, the extermination of the Armenians that occurred during the last years of the Ottoman Empire must be recognized not only to remember the victims but also to prevent similar events from occurring again in the future. Unfortunately, with regard to the Armenian people, we see how we have once again seen images of extermination, persecution and expulsion of Armenians from their ancestral land, in Nagorno-Karabakh. As if that were not enough, now the threats do not stop. Never again cannot be a phrase without commitment. The international community must go further and protect.

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