June 18
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A nationwide rally of the Tavush for the Motherland movement led by the leader of the Diocese of Tavush, Bagrat Archbishop, is kicking off on Yerevan’s Republic Square.

Before the rally, a group of young people carried out an awareness march on the streets of Yerevan, marching to the Republic Square.

Bagrat Archbishop delivered a message today, expressing his support to the residents of Lori and Tavush, who were affected by the devastating flood, and then noted that the planned rally will take place. "As such, we have no occasion or reason to deviate from the agenda," he said.

On Saturday, the Tavush for the Motherland movement issued a statement, stating that before the rally, their supporters were illegally persecuted.

“Extraordinary inspections and investigative operations have been launched in businesses belonging to supporters of the movement; representatives of various power structures have started visiting the homes of our supporters and their relatives, causing unnecessary anxiety to our citizens.

A new wave of repression has also started against the Armenians of Artsakh. We regularly receive news about the arrests of Artsakh mayors," a statement by the movement read.

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