December 07
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The people in Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan, could be left without medical assistance simply because of their political views. Even the local doctors take into account the patients’ political positions, and especially the opposition members could be deprived of medical care, Turan News Agency of Azerbaijan reports.       

According to the Agency, Nakhichevan resident Sevindik Ahmedov had decided to commit suicide, because of his dire social condition, by swallowing a large number of pills. But no medical facility in Nakhichevan admitted him in, since he is a member of the opposition People’s Front of Azerbaijan Party.

Ahmedov was ultimately admitted to the Psychiatric Dispensary of Nakhichevan, but he was discharged three days later. And the local human rights advocate stated that Sevindik Ahmedov was in bad condition when he was discharged and could hardly speak.     

Also, Ahmedov’s family members were summoned to the National Security Ministry, and pressure was exerted upon them because he had attempted to end his life.

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