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Armenian presents the article of Claire Menial on the facts of the Main Directorate of France’s Internal Intelligence on the activities of Turkish extreme nationalist elements against Armenians in France published in Le Point French e-Journal on Thursday.

In the space for ‘Date and aim of the event’ the informer wrote – Challenging the criminalization is freedom of speech – a noble motive for the Turkish Federation in France based in Pantin. Officially the Turkish Federation in France organized the protest march against the project of the bill criminalizing denial of the Armenian Genocide if not to consider the fact that the large quantity of spread leaflets suggests the involvement of mass organizations. The Turkish Federation in France which is a branch of the European Turkish Federation is not a Federation at all, it is just a covering for the Grey Wolves – an extreme Turkish nationalist organization.

The Gray Wolves are ultranationalist, anti-Kurdish activists from the Turkish National Movement Party (MHP).

According to the Main Directorate of Internal Intelligence, the Turkish Federation in France has used its network to build up anger on the bill, without giving themselves away.

The bill was banned by the Constitutional Council and a new bill will be presented after the parliament elections – a new reason to mobilize Turkish communities in Europe.

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