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‘“Sex is a closed topic; there are many other topics to discuss with kids. This is how several [Armenian] parents think. According to the majority, when the time comes, the mother will whisper some things into her daughter’s ear. Speaking about sexual relations [between] a woman and a man is inconvenient, unacceptable, and, in general, not Armenian-like. [This is] The mentality of a typical traditional Armenian family. But when disciplining the kids we need to respond to all of their queries with respect to sex,’ psychologist Stepan Avetisyan told Aravot [daily] in an interview.

He also adds that, since we live in the Internet era, the children can find the answers to their questions on the Internet at any time, but the information posted on the Internet is often wrong. As per the psychologist, it is better to find the right method and answer the kids’ questions,” Aravot writes.

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