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Armenian presents the concise version of the article published in the Los Angeles Times.

The Turks have a blockbuster they call ‘Fetih 1453’. In that year the Turks took over the Byzantine Capital Constantinople – today’s Istanbul, Los Angeles Times reports.

The film which has 16 thousand extras, sword fighting scenes, tons of blood and turbans broke all records in Turkey, not only for its cost ($ 17 million), but also at the box office, which is more than twice the investment.

Turkish columnist Burak Bekdil received life threats after making statements against the film saying that next the Turks can film a movie on the Armenian Genocide of 1915 or the capture of Northern Cyprus in 1974.

“Unfortunately millions of Turks go to the cinemas in order to be proud of our ancestors and visually show their children ‘our greatness’,” he wrote.

Even in the pro-government paper Today’s Zaman columnist Emine Yildirim criticized the film for its extreme nationalism.

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