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Speaker of the National Assembly (NA) of Armenia, Alen Simonyan, on Thursday received a delegation led by the deputy speaker of the People’s Assembly of Syria, Muhammad Al-Ajlani.

“More than one century ago the Syrian people gave asylum to the Armenians, who hardly survived genocide in the Ottoman Empire. It is remarkable that your visit in these days, when we mark the 109th anniversary of the Armenian anniversary,” the NA speaker noted, welcoming the aforesaid Syrian delegation, Armenian has learner from the NA.

The interlocutors documented about the Armenian-Syrian close relations based on shared history and values.

Both sides underscored the importance of the effective cooperation of the Syria-Armenia parliamentary diplomacy in the context of development of bilateral relations.

The perspectives of expanding the Armenia-Syria interparliamentary relations and the security situation in the South Caucasus were discussed, too.

Alen Simonyan highlighted that the Crossroads of Peace project of Armenia is the latter’s vision to peace.

“The situation created in the region brings forth new challenges both for Armenia and Syria, which requires giving new quality to bilateral relations. In this context we highlight the active cooperation with Syria in the peace process,” the NA speaker said.

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