April 23
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The Zoryan Institute announced about the translation and publication of a new book by famous author Rifat Bali, ‘Model Citizens of the State: The Jews of Turkey during the Multi-Party Period,’ Asbarez reports.

The book tells about the appeal of the Jewish community in Turkey from 1950 to the present, their fight against anti-Semitism, the struggle for their constitutional rights, and the attitude of the Turkish state and society towards these problems.

In a review of the Turkish edition, which the Armenian Weekly published, Turkish journalist Ayse Gunaysu and a member of the Committee Against Racism and Discrimination of the Human Rights Association of Turkey described the book as “groundbreaking … unearthing facts and first-hand accounts that unmistakably illustrate how the Turkish establishment blackmailed the leaders of the Jewish community and through them Jewish organizations in the United States in order to secure their support of the Turkish position against the Armenians’ campaign for genocide recognition.

The book also provides with rich material about how Turkish diplomats and semi-official spokesmen of Turkish policies, while carrying out their lobbying activities, threatened both Israel and the U.S. They claimed if the Jewish lobby fails to prevent Armenian initiatives abroad, Turkey might not be able to guarantee the security of Turkish Jews. It has been a common practice for Turkish authorities to invariably deny such threats. However, Bali’s careful work in the archives reveals first-hand accounts that confirm these allegations.”

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