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YEREVAN.-  Former Armenian FM, member of Prosperous Armenia Party Vartan Oskanian considers existence of Syrian Armenians is under threat.

“Sixty thousand Armenians live in Syria, 45 thousand of them in Aleppo. The community in Aleppo was the first Armenian community formed after the Genocide, later its branches spread throughout the Middle East,” he wrote on his Facebook.

On Tuesday Bashar al-Assad admitted Syria is in a state of war, Oskanian said, adding that given the ethnic and religious system of Syria, the country may be involved in a large-scale civil war.

“Being an Aleppo Armenian I am in touch with my friends and relatives. Yesterday I learnt that not a single Armenian official visited Syria within at least eight months,” he said, adding that the locals do not feel support of the Motherland.

He called on official Yerevan to make certain moves to help Syrian Armenians. Oskanian considers a representative of the Armenian government must visit Aleppo to consolidate the local Armenian organizations and elaborate a program on further steps.

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