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YEREVAN. – The Internet is not filtered in Armenia yet crimes are not increasing, “Internet Community” NGO Vice Chairman Grigor Saghyan stated during a press conference on Tuesday.

In his words, prior to registering in Armenia’s .am domain, it is necessary to first get familiar with the working rules, and, if they are violated, the organization is authorized to close the given website.  

“At present, 20,000 addresses are registered in .am, and Armenia is accountable for the unlawful actions carried out there,” he said.  

And with respect to the closing of, Saghyan noted that this was an informational website and it did not contain pornography. According to him, Armenian actress Anzhela Sargsyan’s site—which was closed by a court order—was of pornographic nature.       

In Grigor Saghyan’s words, Internet restrictions were imposed in Armenia only once—that is, on March 3-20, 2008—and in connection with the state of emergency declared in the country. 

“Armenia has joined the fight against cybercrimes,” Saghyan added.

Incidentally, Azerbaijani capital city Baku soon will host an E-governance forum, during which matters that do not curtail freedom will be discussed. This freedom, however, will not result in an increase in crimes.

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