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YEREVAN. – Armenia’s Diaspora Ministry is helping the Syrian Armenians who wish to return to and settle in the Motherland, Syrian-Armenian poet Dikran Kapoyan stated during a press conference on Thursday.

He gave a positive assessment to the actions currently being taken by Armenia’s authorities. “We are pleased,” he said, and stressed that he conducts business in Armenia.

Other Syrian Armenians, namely, jeweler Viken Zakarian and pharmacologist Carlos Kasbarian likewise attended the press conference. And all of them held the view that everything is good in Armenia and no problems were being created for them. These Syrian citizens have already submitted their documents to be granted Rep. of Armenia citizenship.   

“The Armenian community of Syria does not indulge in politics and it wishes to maintain neutrality,” Kapoyan noted. In his turn, Zakarian added that there is uncertainty in Syria at present.  

Another Syrian Armenian, Vazken Mesrobian, who owns a restaurant in Armenia, also commented on this matter.

“The situation in Syria is getting worse. I spoke with my uncle in Syria this morning, but he said nothing. My brother and sister came to Armenia much earlier. My brother could not get on board the [Armenia’s national airline carrier] Armavia [Airline Company] plane because there were no vacant seats. He had to come via Turkey,” Mesrobian said.   

All press conference speakers agreed with Mesrobian and noted that they are dissatisfied by Armavia’s new price policy. 

“They increased the ticket prices. We hope Armavia will change its position and reduce the prices, which will further facilitate Syrian Armenians’ return to the Motherland,” stated Carlos Kasbarian.

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