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Birgun daily of Turkey spoke with Mihraj Ural, a commander of the Syrian government troops that are fighting against the terrorists who have infiltrated into Syria’s predominantly Armenian-populated town of Kessab, and he blamed Turkey PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan for these terrorist attacks.     

During a telephone interview, Ural noted that he is in Kessab at the moment, and fighting against the gangs that have intruded from Turkey.

“We are fighting against the Jihadist gangs being fed by Erdogan and the imperialists. The murderers fed by crook Erdogan are attacking on us,” the Syrian commander said.

He stressed that the groups which are a part and parcel of Al-Qaeda attacked on Armenian Kessab, but they are defending Kessab because it is a part of Syria.

Mihraj Ural noted that they were able to repel the Jihadists’ attack, and have forced them to withdraw, and added that the local residents are helping the Syrian government troops.

In the early morning on March 21, armed militants from the Jabhat al-Nusra Islamic terrorist group infiltrated into northern Syria’s Latakia Governorate, which is predominantly inhabited by Armenians and Alawites. Two large groups of terrorists had launched the attack from Turkey. Numerous displaced Kessab Armenians are currently sheltered in Latakia city. On March 23, Turkish fighter planes downed in Kessab a Syrian military aircraft that was conducting a mission against the Islamic terrorists.

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