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The Hayland social website has registered 100,000 visits since it was created 45 days ago. The authors of the project consider it a remarkable achievement. Talking to, Artashesh Mkrtchyan, the Hayland project manager, said that it is a national website. According to him, most of the visitors are young people trying to establish contacts with Armenians throughout the world. "People of middle age and even old people visit the website as well," Mkrtchyan said. He said that Armenians residing in European states are especially active.

Mkrtchyan said that Azerbaijani activists tried to put their propaganda on the Hayland website as well. “We have not registered any hacker attacks, but in some cases Azerbaijanis got registered and tried to put their propaganda,” he said. However, Azerbaijanis understand that all the visitors to the website are Armenians and they cannot find readers at all.

The Hayland website’s monthly traffic is 2.5 terabytes – an appreciable figure, as the site does not yet contain any videos. "About 13,000 active users visit the wide daily. We plan to launch new programs soon and expect this number to increase," Mkrtchyan said.

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