February 04
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Pope's visit to Armenia continues to draw attention of international media.

The German press again underlined the importance of calling the Armenian massacres a genocide, adopting a resolution on the genocide in the Bundestag against the background of Turkey’s response that followed the Bundestag’s vote. 

“Everybody’s nerves were strained to see what word the Pope will use while referring to the persecution of Armenians . He used the word genocide and called on the Armenian-Turkish reconciliation,” writes Die Zeit.

“Until the last moment it was not clear, if the Pope will say the word genocide or not. The word genocide was missing in the text of his speech, but he said it on the first day of his visit and told the world not to forget about the Armenian Genocide,” writes Tagesspiegel. Tagesspiegel particularly emphasized the importance of the Pope's visit to Gyumri.

“The mass that the Pope served in Gyumri was a great event for the Armenian believers. Pope in his prayer recalled the devastating earthquake of 1988 and the city that has revived,” writes the newspaper.

Deutsche Welle also notes that the Pope was not afraid to stir anger of Ankara. "The Pope confirmed his position he stated last year about the Armenian massacres in the Ottoman Empire and again condemned the genocide. The pope decided to add the word genocide to the text of his speech, despite Ankara's objections. Thus, he ignored the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's ‘threats’, who in April of 2015 warned him not to make “such mistakes again,” writes the publication.

“The Pope 's visit emphasized the role of Christianity as a part if the Armenian identity. The visit of the Pope to Tsitsernakaberd Memorial was a visit of peace . He did not say a word, just kept praying . He expressed his opinion about the Armenian Genocide a day before , citing a large number of victims,” writes the Deutschlandfunk .

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