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Henley & Partners has issued the annual Visa Restrictions Index, which analyzes the visa rules of 219 countries and territories of the world and ranges them according to the number of countries with the opportunity of visa free entry.

According to the document, Germany has retained its leading position throughout four years. In 2017, the number of visa free countries for German citizens reduced from 177 to 176. Sweden—with the index of 175 visa free countries—came third, as last year. Five states—Finland, Italy, Spain, US and Denmark—ranked third, with 174 countries. In 2017, the top 10 included the same 28 countries as last year.

During a year, the Russian passport holders have gained more opportunities of visa free transportations, Russia going down to the 51st position in the Visa Restrictions Index, coming the first among CIS countries. Last year Russia had a higher position in the rating (48th), although there were less countries with visa free entry. Overall, positive movement in respect to the opportunities of visa free travels by Russian passports can be observed. (102 countries in 2015, 105 countries is 2016, 106 countries in 2017).

Apart from this, Ukraine ranks 58th, Kazakhstan 67th, Georgia 68th, Belarus 70th, Azerbaijan 74th and Armenia 78th. 

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