June 19
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According to preliminary information, Armenians were not injured in Sunday’s clashes in Catalonia, during the referendum on its independence from Spain.

Datev Sulian, Chairperson of the Armenian Cultural Association of Barcelona, told about the aforesaid to Armenian

In his words, however, there are no clashes at this time in Catalonia, it is a work day and people are going to work; but there may be rallies in the evening.

“The [Catalans’] fight [for independence] would not end with the referendum; the fight had not started on the day of the referendum, but it had started years ago, and it will continue for years,” Sulian added. “According to official data, 2,262,424 Catalans participated in the independence referendum of Catalonia, and solely about 7 percent of them voted ‘no’ [in this plebiscite]. The government of Catalonia has announced this data, and they are expected to use these data to continue their future fight [for independence].”

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