December 11
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Those who enjoy editing photos have most probably are well aware of all the editing possibilities, numerous tools  and all the free-to-edit photos and stickers that the free social photo editing app PicsArt offers.

Very recently, PicsArt has introduced a new Brush tool, which in a short time has become very popular and is actively applied by PicsArt users.

You can now brush a variety of patterns and even 4M+ free stickers onto your images. The possibilities are endless. For example, you can create your own brush out of any sticker on PicsArt, or create awesome images with the colourful patterns, hearts, neon highlights and more available in the preset of the tool. There are no limits to your creativity - any sticker can be used as a brush.

How to use a brush?

- Download the free PicsArt social photo editing app for iOS, Android & Microsoft

- Tap on edit and choose the image you want to edit, then tap on Brushes.

- Use any Brush offered by PicsArt or search for stickers and use them to brush over your photos. You are resize the brush item, erasing or adding a new one to it.

Create and enjoy!

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