December 13
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YEREVAN. – Over the coming weeks, we will approve Armenia’s development strategy until 2030, and which will include numerous provisions—also, the strategy of the road we will pass until 2040.

Candidate for Prime Minister, ex-President Serzh Sargsyan, said the aforementioned at Tuesday’s special session of the National Assembly, and devoted to the election of the new PM of the country.

He expressed a view that after submitting this program, everyone will come to realize that the declaration on having a population of four million in Armenia by the year 2040 was not just a declaration, but it was realistic, and they will bring it to fruition.

“We can’t persuade millions of people to come to Armenia,” Sargsyan added. “But we can [persuade]—at least 100 thousands [of people] because not everyone has achieved the fulfillment of their dream by emigrating from the Republic of Armenia. And in the event of providing certain economic conditions [in Armenia], they will at least start to think in that direction.

“And if we succeed in pacifically resolving our security concerns, too, I believe immigration [to Armenia] will be very substantial.”

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