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Venezuela accused the US of sabotaging elections through sanctions, after the US accused President Nicolas Maduro of taking profits from the supply of drugs and imposed sanctions on the head of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, Reuters reported.

The US sanctions part of the "systematic aggressive campaign" of President Donald Trump’s administration, said Venezuelan government adding they have no legal basis.

“It’s not surprising that on the eve of a new vote, when the Venezuelan people will come out to defend their democracy against the imperialist aggressions that try and derail it, once again the U.S. regime tries to sabotage the elections,” the statement said.

On Friday the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Cabello, his wife and brother.

As reported earlier, Venezuela is choosing its next president on Sunday. Incumbent President Nicolas Maduro’s rivals will be Javier Bertucci, a candidate from the Hope for Change party, Reinaldo Quijada from the ultra-left party Popular and Political Unity party, and also Henri Falcon from the Progressive Advance, a small opposition party.


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