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To develop the economy, we are trying to apply that which we applied for political development. This is what Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said today during a meeting with students and professors of the Armenian State University of Economics, responding to one of the professors’ questions regarding economic development.

“The political revolution took place when each person realized that his or her stance on the current political situation is a major factor. This was a new model for political reforms in Armenia. I have the same notion about the economic revolution, that is, an economic revolution will take place when every company and individual realizes the importance of individual efforts,” he stated.

Former MP Vardan Bostanjyan responded to the Prime Minister and stressed that a political revolution is different from an economic revolution. “Hatred and lack of tolerance lied at the core of the political revolution, but the psychology of people has to change in order for an economic revolution to take place.”

In response, Pashinyan stated that he agrees with the fact that they are different. “I agree that they are different, but what I’m saying is that they are based on the same algorithm. We want to help people realize their strength and what it means to be strong. Being poor and thinking that the government has to overcome poverty by giving people food and money is one thing, and thinking that the government has to help him overcome poverty is another thing,” he said.

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