October 05
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It would be very bad, if Nikol Pashinyan, being the good person he is, paid heed to the demand of the citizens of Ijevan and allowed them to cut trees. This is what leader of Republic Party Aram Sargsyan wrote on his Facebook page.

The Facebook post particularly reads as follows:

“A forest is not only trees, especially when you aren’t the one who planted those trees. One can keep an animal in a forest and take products from the forest, conserving ecologically clean mushrooms, fruits and berries, producing high-quality and expensive vodkas and doing business. No, cutting trees is easy and profitable, but it’s theft. I get the impression is that everyone knows how to create jobs in Ijevan, except for the Prime Minister, who is from Ijevan.

P.S.: It would be very bad, if Nikol, being the good person he is and a compatriot, allowed the citizens of Ijevan to cut the trees, after which the citizens would praise him and make a toast to him…Dear brothers cutting trees to earn a living, forests are also your children’s and grandchildren’s forests. I am certain that if you think a little harder and work a little harder, you’ll maintain your homes and forests. You will also live better than now, and most importantly, you won’t be dependent on anyone and won’t owe anyone, and you will always have forests.”

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