October 05
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On the issue of developing the Amulsar field, the opinion of the population should be taken into account, and if there is agreement, the mine can be opened, but if there is no consent, this should not be done, Prosperous Armenia party leader Gagik Tsarukyan told reporters on Monday.

“How can one ignore the opinion of the local population?” Tsarukyan said. “Deputies should also be close to the people, to protect their interests. People will understand whether it is dangerous or not. After all, they live there.”

Asked whether Armenia has a chance to develop without mining, and if so, is Tsarukyan ready to close his own enterprises, the deputy noted: “Do not hesitate. We have two enterprises - one is the Ararat cement plant, the other is a mine in Armenia's Mghart. If the people raise the issue, we will not be against closing them. If I know that they are dangerous for the people, nature, they will not work.”

As it turned out, Mghart mine has not been working for seven years, research is being conducted there. 

“Secondly, we do not use cyanide. We are rinsing with water. But if it turns out that this is dangerous for the people, it won’t work,” he said.

Asked is it possible to say that mining is not dangerous for the population, Tsarukyan recalled that the development is carried out all over the world, but the population should use these benefits.

Touching upon the Amulsar issue, the MP noted that the questions raised by the population should receive answers. 

“The issues will settle down, a new decision will be made,” he said.

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