October 22
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Yesterday the My Step faction of the National Assembly submitted a bill presenting the legal grounds for starting the process of terminating the powers of one of the judges of the Constitutional Court. This is what head of the My Step faction Lilit Makunts told journalists today.

She emphasized that a document stating the legal grounds is attached to the bill. “The decision of the My Step faction has also been attached to that document and forwarded to the Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly. The parliamentary speaker has already inscribed it to the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, which will consider the package. The legal grounds are already promulgated and posted on the website of the National Assembly,” Makunts said, adding that the two other factions of the National Assembly will be introduced to the bill and express their positions.

When asked how confident she is that the Constitutional Court will show a fair and impartial approach when the issue concerns the President of the Constitutional Court, Makunts said even though the final decision must be made by the Constitutional Court, the legal grounds that the faction’s lawyers have presented are extremely weighty, and she is certain that the Constitutional Court will be exclusively guided by the legal grounds.

As far as the positions of the two other factions are concerned, Makunts said she has talked to the secretary and head of the two factions and asked them to express their positions in advance or hold a discussion.

When asked if the ruling party has discussed the replacement of Hrayr Tovmasyan, if it becomes possible to terminate his powers, Makunts noted that the parliament doesn’t have the power to make a decision on the President of the Constitutional Court.

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