November 17
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A round table is being held in Yerevan to discuss the draft law on the confiscation of property acquired illegally. The author of the bill is the Ministry of Justice of Armenia.

Deputy Minister of Justice Srbuhi Galyan introduced the general provisions of the bill. 

“The bill defines the concept of illegally acquired property. This is a civil law process, not aimed at punishing a citizen,” she said.

At this stage, the administrative court will consider the case on the proposal of the prosecutor, and in the future, after the creation of the anti-corruption courts, consideration will go to them.

According to her, the grounds for filing a lawsuit are related to certain actions or status of a citizen. For example, it can be a guilty verdict giving the grounds to assume that the property was acquired illegally, participation in criminal groups, illegal arms and drugs trafficking, trafficking, corruption-related crimes. There will be operational information on the availability of illegally acquired property. Production is not possible due to certain circumstances - years ago or the person has not reached the age. In order to initiate the process of confiscation of property, the Planck set a difference of AMD 50 million between income and property.

Regarding the above-mentioned operational information as the basis for initiating the process, that is, the reliability of such information and the competence of the source of information, the Deputy Minister noted that the boundaries for the provision of this information and the conditions in the law are unclear and this would be inappropriate.

When asked about the period for which the law is designed, the deputy minister noted that it would not become part of transitional justice, but would act indefinitely.

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