September 28
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YEREVAN. – Against the backdrop of US-Iran conflict, Azerbaijan has become a platform for pressure on Iran from the US and Israel, from which unmanned aerial vehicles are being launched toward the Islamic Republic. Analyst Tevan Poghosyan stated this at a January 9 press conference.

He did not rule out that in the future, the US and Israeli special forces would penetrate into Iran from Azerbaijan. "Baku can take advantage of the situation and get closer with Washington," he said. "Armenia, for its part, must be ready for all this and not allow Azerbaijan to resort to information provocations."

The analyst expressed hope that the processes would be conducted not in a military but in a diplomatic format, as the opposite development of events could become a precedent and justification for Azerbaijan for taking aggressive actions against the Armenian side. "In any case, the Karabakh issue depends on us [the Armenian party] and on how prepared we are for any scenario," Poghosyan added. “One can expect that there will be information attacks on the Armenian society during the elections, both in Azerbaijan and in Karabakh. Yerevan and Stepanakert must be ready for it.”

According to him, Armenia's neutrality in the Iran-US confrontation is a more acceptable position stemming from the interests of the state. "Yerevan has such an experience of relations, given that Armenia cooperates with both Russia and Georgia, which have unfriendly relations with each other," Tevan Poghosyan explained. “There is a similar situation also in relations with the US and Iran. Washington has always objectively accepted the situation which Armenia is in."

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