February 26
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Iran says the tragic Ukrainian plane incident should not be affected by political motivations. As representative of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abbas Mousavi declared, Iran is surprised by some of the remarks made by the five countries whose citizens died in the unintentional downing of a Ukrainian plane on January 8, reports Mehr.

The remarks come as representatives of Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan, and Britain, the citizens of which were killed in the tragic Ukrainian plane crash which was unintentionally downed by Iranian defense systems last Wednesday, held a meeting in London.

“All the bodies of the victims have been identified and Iran is in full cooperation with all the affiliated countries and will continue doing so as far as the regulations require,” Mousavi added. He also stated that only a day after initial measures were taken and in spite of Iran’s full cooperation, the Canadian foreign minister read a statement and asked for consular access, which was agreed upon and delivered accordingly by Iran on the first day of the incident due to human aspects of the issue.

Mousavi described that “in past years, the Islamic Republic has asked Canada to let consular representative offices be active in the two countries; however, the Canadian government has refused the issue due to the US pressure on Iranian citizens," he said, "The motivation of the Canadians’ latest remarks are not clear to us.”

To respect the families of the victims, he called on all the parties to let the procedures be done without any marginal disputes and not to mingle the issue with political motivations.  

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