April 03
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YEREVAN. – The story of the caviar is 100 percent true; it happened. Narek Samsonyan, President of the "Civil Consciousness" NGO and founder of the Antifake website of Armenia, said this during a discussion today, referring to the criminal case brought against him.

According to the indictment, Samsonyan, knowing that the information he provided was false, he informed on Facebook and then during a questioning at the Special Investigation Service as a witness stated that the Armenian Prime Minister allegedly bought black caviar from a Yerevan restaurant for $3,000/kg. After that, the Prime Minister's security officials visited the restaurant and wanted to buy another kilogram of black caviar on the condition of payment by bank transfer, but the restaurant administration informed that in that case, one kilogram of black caviar would cost $5,000. According to Samsonyan, after learning about it, the Prime Minister decided to punish the restaurant through the State Revenue Committee.

"Now they have no way back and that criminal case created," Samsonyan said. "This is a part of hate speech and is a consequence of hate speech."

He added that they have uncovered the YouTube channels that are directly funded by a prominent government SNCO and a deputy who has links to a prominent oligarch, and which are spreading hatred in favor of PM Nikol Pashinyan.

"Today we are dealing with a type of media that is encouraged by the power, which spreads lies, hate speech, and slander," Samsonyan said. "In terms of media, today we are heading toward North Korea."

He noted that there are currently three criminal cases against him.

"The NA [National Assembly] Speaker [Ararat Mirzoyan] has filed a lawsuit against me; this time asking for big sums - 3.5 million drams," he emphasized. “In the case when I have two witnesses, in the presence of whom Ararat Mirzoyan used drugs; we will not reveal our sources."

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